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DEV ANAND: Filmfare’s blacklisted legend

Its been half a decade since India lost its most evergreen & energetic filmstar to a cardiac arrest. He left behind in memory Countless Classics, his debonairish charm, an apetite for adventure & the rapport he had set up with both the film faternity as well as with several leading statesmen of his time from Dr. Rajendra Prasad till Narendra Modi.

But when it comes to his body of work, its quite visible that the motion pictures which are today called masterpieces & the fact that Devsaab is to a great extent responsible for the films rising to such a status, he wasnt given any credit by critics. Today’s armchair film experts, namely Anupama Chopra in particular, hold a pioneer like Devsaab in THE lowest regard. Its true he had forgettable outings in the last 15 or so years of his life, they are merely a blimp on his otherwise glorious career. 

While today people like Shahrukh Khan are nominated for even the most hideous  of performances imaginable, the evergreen legend wasnt even nodded for his acts in trendsetters namely POCKETMAAR, TERE GHAR KE SAAMNE, TEEN DEVIYAAN, DES PARDES, TERE MERE SAPNE, HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA(Which he also directed) & GAMBLER.  Infact, for a man to have classics registered against his name even before the Black Lady was existent, its indeed a sad memory as far as the critics are concerned. 

Although Dev was frank & genourous enough to acknowledge that making films for the sake of awards & not the public is unprofessional, whats more unprofessional is overlooking such glittering potrayals which marked his comparisons with HUMPHERY BOGART, CARY GRANT, ROBERT MITCHUM, GREGORY PECK & JAMES STEWART altogether.

Leaving this world with a net-worth of US$ 60 million, despite giving his final registered hit way back in 1985, provides a testament of the kind of stardom & box-office appeal this man enjoyed.

So, if the Filmfare still has some decency left, make sure such mistakes never occur in the future.

Jai Hind

An open letter to pakistani Authorities

Based on the events in recent weeks at Delhi University, I have observed on social networking sites that your population is ranting about peace, diplomacy, sympathy & pacifism. Why ??? Because a girl named Gurmehr Kaur is defending YOUR actions. Your people have now given CERTIFIED proofs of their hypocrisy.

Whenever a page or a post displays pics of crying widows who lost their husbands, tearful orphans who lost their guardians, speechless traumatized siblings who lost their loved elder/younger ones, but who are all proud that they died defending the country against Pakistani invasion, your people post all sorts of derogatory remarks on those men, women & children from the dictionary bang on the wall, calling our beloved Indian Army as Rapists, Incompetents, Killers & what not. And today, when a child of a martyred soldier is taking the blame away from you, you have suddenly started remembering the horrors of a war ??????  A country which faces a coup every full circle of the moon talking about peace is worse than Boko Haram highlighting Human Rights.

Today I have no qualms in saying that all of you 180 million are an epitome of SHAMELESSNESS. Mr. Imran Khan, you frequently speak garbage about progress. In reality, you cant bear the progress of anyone, particularly India, you just cant learn from it. But if you cant develop character, it cant be tolerated. You also talk of constructive dialogue, but you seem to forget that your former governments have invaded our motherland countless times in the last 70 years, only to be repulsed back by the Indian Armed Forces, which was way more professional & humane in its directive.

I have deep sympathies with Miss Kaur, because losing your father at such a young age is nothing less than death itself. We deeply admire her father’s services & sacrifices for his Nation, just like his 1.5 million brothers & sisters from the Armed Forces of Republic of India. He too didnt have any ill feelings against Pakistan, but he died on the DEFENCE, his DUTY. As far as the Pak military is concerned General Bajwa, its no secret the world knows it that people like you & your subordinates live solely for destroying India, & you will  end up destroying your own territory one day. And if you think that licking on the boots of the Chinese will do you any good, well that further signifies your spinelessness.

So, at the conclusion, you idiots from the neighbourhood, if you have some shame or courage left, which I doubt you do, come forward & speak out the truth as who instigated the 1999 Kargil War, particularly Nawaz Sharif in whose reign was the conflict illegally imposed on Indian Territory & on sensing defeat ran to Bill Clinton seeking rescue, but to no avail. Because the one who initiates the war is war itself. Only then will Miss Kaur’s statement be justified that yes War killed her father.

Jai Hind,

From a proud Indian & a Global Citizen